Beth swimwear, is a swimwear firm founded in 2009 by the Venezuelan designer Zamaith Linares, designed and inspired by women of all ages and all body types, who want to look like Beth Dolls.

Beth swimwear is a brand that through the years has represented female empowerment and seeks to exalt all women by making them feel comfortable, sexy and fashionable wearing a swimsuit. Our minimalist, modern and timeless designs have been iconic in each of our collections and are made to last over time since they are made under the highest quality standards in terms of swimsuits with high-end fabrics and haute couture.

In our brand we have a great work team, in all our stores and production workshops where we work every day with a lot of love, passion and dedication to offer a unique and quality product, constantly innovating in each collection with materials, textures and Exclusive designs, with prints specially designed for the brand, which makes our swimsuits even more authentic and thus, we can offer each of our clients a product of very good quality and exclusivity.


    “Hello everyone, I started with Beth Swimwear from a very young age but always with the vision of creating very good quality bikinis with beautiful, comfortable and modern designs that will last more than one season. I shared my first designs when I was only 17 years old and from there I decided to create my own brand of swimwear. It has been very exciting and rewarding to see how my dream started as a small hobby and over the years with a lot of focus and dedication this project became a nationally and internationally recognized brand of swimwear.

    It's super exciting to be a young woman in business, I look forward to continuing to work day to day and continue to design and create beautiful swimwear for all of you. Thank you to our clients for your love, support and trust during all these years, for accompanying us throughout our evolution as a company and for allowing me to share my passion with you.

    I hope you love your beth swimwear bikini and they always accompany you on your sunny days, thanks for being a Beth Doll!

    With love, ZAZA ❤️
    Founder & CEO